Avenue Pad 6

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Avenue Pad 6


Model: NAPD-1002

The Avenue Pad 6 had six buttons in place of the regular two on the Turbo Pad. It had a total of four switches. SlowMo, turbo for I, turbo for II and a switch to enable two button compatibility mode.

Supporting Games

Variable Geo
Art of Fighting
Ryuko No Ken
Fatal Fury Special
Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
Strip Fighter 2
World Heroes 2
Ys 4 - *unconfirmed*


Front of Avenue Pad 6 box
Back of Avenue Pad 6 box

Avenue Pad 6 - slanted.jpg Avenue Pad 6 - with box.jpg


please integrate this page logic the pc engine controller uses a 74hc157 ic which is a quad 2-line-to-1-line data selector multiplexer with non-inverting output the console polls the controller multiple times to retrieve it it\'s state this table show the order in which the information left to right is polled and which poll cycle it is retrieved in top to bottom

Poll # Up Down Left Right Run Select I II III IV V VI
1 x x x x
2 x x x x
3 x x x x


Front of Avenue Pad 6 PCB
Back of Avenue Pad 6 PCB


Avenue Pad 6 Schematic.png