Font Functions

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Font Functions


void set_font_color(char fg, char bg);
     Set the default font foreground and background colors
     (colors range from 0 to 15). Changes won't take effect
     immediately, you must re-load the font by calling


void set_font_pal(char pal);
     Set the font palette index (0-15).


void set_font_addr(int vaddr);
     Set the font address in video memory.
     Use this function to change the current font;
     to use several font on the same screen, or when
     you load yourself a font and need to tell the
     library where it is.


 ??? get_font_pal(void);
     Return the current font palette index.


 ??? get_font_addr(void);
     Return the current font address in video memory.


void load_default_font(void);
void load_default_font(char num);
void load_default_font(char num, int vaddr);
     Load a default font in video memory. Without parameters
     the first default font is loaded just above the
     BAT in video memory; usualy it's address 0x800.
     Otherwise you can select the font number, and eventualy
     the address in video memory.
     In its current implementation the library support only
     one default font, but in the future more fonts could
     be available.


void load_font(char *font, char nb_char);
void load_font(char *font, char nb_char, int vaddr);
     Load a custom font in video memory. Used together
     with the #incchr directive it will allow you to load
     a font from a PCX file. Note that custom fonts are
     colored fonts, so they won't be affected by any
     previous call to set_font_color().
     The number of character to load range from 0 to 224,
     ASCII characters 0 to 31 are never used, and can't
     be defined, you must start your font at the space
     character, which is ASCII code 32.
     If you don't implicitely give a video memory address,
     the function will load your font just above
     the BAT (usualy it's address 0x800).