Gamepad Functions

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Gamepad Functions


 ??? joy(char num);
     Return the current status of joypad number 'num'.
     Since version 1.5, it's 6 button compliant.


 ??? joytrg(char num);
     Return informations about newly pressed buttons
     and directions of joypad number 'num'.
     But beware of this function, these informations
     are refreshed every frame, so if your game loop
     is not fast enough you could miss some keypresses.
     In such a case use the joy_events() functions, they
     do keep trace of all the keypresses.


void set_joy_callback(char num, char mask, char keys, void (*proc)());
     You can program the library to call one of your function
     when a certain joypad key as been pressed.
     The best use of this function is to handle game pause
     mode when the player press the START button.
     'num' is the numero of the callback to install,
     for now there's only one callback (0), but future
     versions of the library may have more.
     'mask' indicates which joypad to scan (one bit
     for each joypad, with bit 0 for joypad 0, etc...),
     and 'keys' indicates which keypresses to look,
     usualy just JOY_STRT. 'proc' is the address
     of the function you want to be called by the library.
      Extended Documentation


 ??? get_joy_events(char num);
 ??? get_joy_events(char num, char rst);
     Return all the joypad keypresses for joypad 'num'
     that has happened since this function was last called.
     With this function you can't miss any keypress.
     'rst' tells the function if the keypress events
     will be reset after having being read, by default
     they are reset after each read, but if 'rst'
     is equal to zero events won't be reset.


void clear_joy_events(char mask);
     Reset the joypad keypress event list(s).
     'mask' indicates which joypad event list you want
     to reset. One bit for each joypad, bit 0 is joypad 0,
     bit 1 is joypad 1, etc... All the event lists
     can be reset by setting 'mask' to 0x1F.