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Referred to as "KING" by NEC-HE.

KING is responsible for generating up to 4 background graphics, and can scale and rotate one background, and SCSI CD access. It also handles access to KRAM by RAINBOW and the ADPCM function of SoundBox.

Background Generators

KING backgrounds are drawn at 256x240, at a configurable bit depth, ranging from 2bpp palettised to 32-bit YYUV(32-bits for 2 pixels), in direct(like a framebuffer) or indirect(BAT) modes. Pixels are packed, not planar.

KING can make 1 fetch from $00000-$1FFFF of KRAM and 1 of fetch from $20000-$3FFFF of KRAM per pixel, for a total of 2 KRAM fetches per pixel. Obviously, this means you can't have more than 2 64K/16M-color backgrounds in direct mode, and only 1 in indirect/BAT mode!