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PC98 version parts list:

  • D70732GD-25 - V810 CPU
  • 424800-70L (*4) - 512Kx8 RAM(SRAM? DRAM?), 70ns - 2MiB main CPU RAM
  • M538022C-E5 - 1MiB BIOS ROM

  • HuC6272 (KING)
  • 424260-70 (*2) 256Kx16 DRAM, 70ns - 1MiB KING RAM


GMAKER and GMAKER Plus, PC-FX development tools, for PC-98 and DOS/V.


to investigate ank stands for alphabet numerals and katakana the ank fonts use the kana-8\' encoding the lower half of each font uses the jis roman encoding and the upper half contains half-width katakana half-width katakana are simplified katakana that may need to be equipped with diacritical marks the diacritical marks are included in the encoding as separate characters