Pachinko Controller

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  • Model: CJPC-101
  • Manufacturer: Coconuts
  • Designer ?: Hori

The pachinko controller is identical to the Famicom one except that the buttons and dial are yellow instead of red. On the technical side it is a standard joypad with an analog trigger (or dial).

Supporting Games

  • Pachio-Kun Jūban Shōbu - パチ夫くん十番勝負
  • Pachio-Kun Maboroshi No Densetsu - パチ夫くん幻の伝説
  • Pachio-Kun Warau Uchū - パチ夫くん笑う宇宙
  • Pachio-Kun 3 Pachisuro & Pachinko - パチ夫くん3パチスロ&パチ


Poll # Up Down Left Right Run Select I II B0 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7
1 x x x x
2 x x x x
3 x x x x
4 x x x x

The dial value is read on the 2nd and 3rd poll. Its value ranges from $84 to $fb. In Pachio-Kun Jūban Shōbu (パチ夫くん十番勝負), it is clamped between $9c and $ef.

Note that it will act as a standard joypad when plugged to a multi-tap.