Super CD·ROM²

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Super CD·ROM² with interface unit


The Super CD·ROM² is an attachment that fits onto the EXT-BUS connector of all PCE compatible systems except the PC-Engine Shuttle. It features the following components:

  • Single speed CD-ROM drive.
  • 2K of BRAM.
  • 512Kx8 ROM containing the Super System Card (v3.0) program.
  • 256Kx8 SRAM accounting for the combined 64K found in the Interface Unit and 192K from the Super System Card.
  • Standard 8-pin DIN A/V jack with composite video and stereo audio outputs.
  • 40-pin EXT-I/O connector (trapdoor).


  • NEC part no. PI-CD1
  • Uses PAD-125 AC adapter
  • Uses 12V DC power supply, positive tip, 12W

Integrated Circuits

The Super CD·ROM² consists of a single PCB which has the equivalent of the Interface Unit chipset, Super System Card RAM and ROM, and CD-ROM Player with some minor changes. The following ICs are used:

  • Sony CXA1081M - RF signal processor.
  • Sony CXA1082BQ - Servo signal processor.
  • Sony CXD1167Q - PCM decoder and CD control.
  • NEC uPD78C14GF - Microcontroller.
  • NEC uPD6378GF - Microcontroller glue logic.
  • NEC uPD4364G - 8Kx8 SRAM for the microcontroller, presumably to buffer sectors.
  • Sanyo LC7881 - DAC.
  • NEC uPD91317GD - HuC6280 glue logic, ADPCM controller.
  • Oki M5205 - Single channel ADPCM decoder.
  • BU4053BF - 2-channel analog multiplexer for routing CD-DA and ADPCM output through the volume attenuator.
  • Mitsubishi MB5113L - Voltage controlled volume attenuator.
  • Oki M41464 (x2) - 64Kx4 DRAM for ADPCM sample storage.
  • Sanyo LC3517BML - 2Kx8 SRAM, used as BRAM for data backup.
  • Sony CXK581001M (x2) - 128Kx8 SRAM, used as CD-RAM/ Super System Card RAM.
  • NEC uPD23HC4001EGW - 512Kx8 mask ROM, stores the Super System Card program.

Power Supply

The Super CD·ROM² will run fine using Radio Shack AC adapter #273-1667, which can supply 12V at 800mA. Not sure what the officially recommended amperage is.