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HuC6280 Instruction Set

Quick Instruction Set List Full Instruction Set Page
adc Add With Carry (ADC) and And Accumulator with Memory (AND) asl Accumulator Shift Left (ASL) bbri Branch on Bit Reset (BBRi) bbsi Branch on Bit Set (BBSi)
bcc Branch on Carry Clear (BCC) bcs Branch on Carry Set (BCS) beq Branch on Equal (BEQ) bit Test Memory Bits against Accumulator (BIT) bmi Branch on Minus (BMI)
bne Branch on Not Equal (BNE) bpl Branch on Plus (BPL) bra Branch Always (BRA) brk Break (BRK) bsr Branch to Subroutine (BSR)
bvc Branch if Overflow Clear (BVC) bvs Branch if Overflow Set (BVS) cla Clear Accumulator (CLA) clc Clear Carry Flag (CLC) cld Clear Decimal Flag (CLD)
cli Clear Interrupt Disable Flag (CLI) clv Clear Overflow Flag (CLV) clx Clear X Register (CLX) cly Clear Y Register (CLY) cmp Compare Accumulator with Memory (CMP)
cpx Compare X Register with Memory (CPX) cpy Compare Y Register with Memory (CPY) csh Change Speed High (CSH) csl Change Speed Low (CSL) dec Decrement (DEC)
dex Decrement X (DEX) dey Decrement Y (DEY) eor Exclusive OR Accumulator with Memory (EOR) inc Increment (INC) inx Increment X (INX)
iny Increment Y (INY) jmp Jump (JMP) jsr Jump to Subroutine (JSR) lda Load Accumulator from Memory (LDA) ldx Load X Register from Memory (LDX)
ldy Load Y Register from Memory (LDY) lsr Logical Shift Memory or Accumulator Right (LSR) nop No Operation (NOP) ora Or Accumulator with Memory (ORA) pha Push Accumulator (PHA)
php Push Processor Status Register (PHP) phx Push X Register (PHX) phy Push Y Register (PHY) pla Pull Accumulator (PLA) plp Pull Processor Status Register (PLP)
plx Pull X Register (PLX) ply Pull Y Register (PLY) rmbi Reset Memory Bit i (RMBi) rol Rotate Memory or Accumulator Left (ROL) ror Rotate Memory or Accumulator Right (ROR)
rti Return from Interrupt (RTI) rts Return from Subroutine (RTS) sax Swap Accumulator and X Register (SAX) say Swap Accumulator and Y Register (SAY) sbc Subtract with Borrow from Accumulator (SBC)
sec Set Carry Flag (SEC) sed Set Decimal Mode Flag (SED) sei Set Interrupt Disable Flag (SEI) set Set T Flag (SET) smbi Set Memory Bit i (SMBi)
st0 Store HuC6270 No. 0 (ST0) st1 Store HuC6270 No. 1 (ST1) st2 Store HuC6270 No. 2 (ST2) sta Store Accumulator to Memory (STA) stx Store X Register to Memory (STX)
sty Store Y Register to Memory (STY) stz Store Zero to Memory (STZ) sxy Swap X and Y Registers (SXY) tai Transfer Alternate Increment (TAI) tami Transfer Accumulator to MPRi (TAMi)
tax Transfer Accumulator to X Register (TAX) tay Transfer Accumulator to Y Register (TAY) tdd Transfer Decrement Decrement (TDD) tia Transfer Increment Alternate (TIA) tii Transfer Increment Increment (TII)
tin Transfer Increment None (TIN) tmai Transfer MPRi to Accumulator (TMAi) trb Test and Reset Memory Bits Against Accumulator (TRB) tsb Test and Set Memory Bits Against Accumulator (TSB) tst Test and Reset Memory Bits (TST)
tsx Transfer Stack Pointer to X Register (TSX) txa Transfer X Register to Accumulator (TXA) txs Transfer X Register to Stack Pointer (TXS) tya Transfer Y Register to Accumulator (TYA)