HuCard Port

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Pins are listed from left to right, on the label side of the HuCard, with the connector side pointing away(or up).

Pin # Signal/Usage
3 HuC6280 A19
4 HuC6280 A16
5 HuC6280 A15
6 HuC6280 A12
7 HuC6280 A7
8 HuC6280 A6
9 HuC6280 A5
10 HuC6280 A4
11 HuC6280 A3
12 HuC6280 A2
13 HuC6280 A1
14 HuC6280 A0
15 HuC6280 D0 (D7 for TG16)
16 HuC6280 D1 (D6 for TG16)
17 HuC6280 D2 (D5 for TG16)
18 GND
19 HuC6280 D3 (D4 for TG16)
20 HuC6280 D4 (D3 for TG16)
21 HuC6280 D5 (D2 for TG16)
22 HuC6280 D6 (D1 for TG16)
23 HuC6280 D7 (D0 for TG16)
24 HuC6280 A20
25 HuC6280 A10
26 HuC6280 /RD
27 HuC6280 A11
28 HuC6280 A9
29 HuC6280 A8
30 HuC6280 A13
31 HuC6280 A14
32 HuC6280 A17
33 HuC6280 A18
34 HuC6280 /WR
35 HuC6280 HSM (high = 7.1591MHz, low = 1.789772MHz)
36 /RESET (see circuit below)
37 HuC6280 /IRQ2
38 VCC +5VDC

The /CARD_DETECT pin is pulled high by a 4.7K ohm resistor (R101) to +5V. This pin is also connected to the expansion port.

Schematic of reset circuit:


The reset signal is held low for approximately 726ms after power is applied, and connects to the HuC6280, HuC6270, HuC6260, HuCard port, and expansion port.