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(HuC6280 Instruction Set)
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===HuC6280 Instruction Set ===
{{:opcode table}}
{{:opcode table}}

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Configuration settings list

Development Software

HuC Sections


HuC Setup HuC Setup File:Document dot c.png Small C Info File:Colored blocks.png Pragmas File:Document dot h.png HuC Header File File:Warning document.png Error Messages


File:Search.png Function Index File:Search.png Full Function List
File:Video display.png Video Functions File:Art palette.png Palette Functions Font Functions Font Functions Text Output Functions Text Output Functions String Functions String Functions
File:Tiles.png Tile and Map Functions File:Paint and brushes.png Pixel Graphics Functions File:Sprite.png Sprite Functions Joypad Functions Joypad Functions Mouse Functions Mouse Functions
Backup RAM Functions Backup RAM Functions CDROM Functions CDROM Functions ADPCM Functions ADPCM Functions File:Capital a.png Arcade Card Functions File:Blank documents.png Misc Functions

PCEAS Sections


PCEAS Setup PCEAS Setup File:Document dot asm.png Operand Syntax File:Colored blocks.png Pragmas File:Document dot asm.png PCEAS Startup File File:Warning document.png Error Messages

opcode table



PC Engine



  • PC-FXGA (Development Kit)