String Functions

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String Functions

strcpy / strncpy / memcpy

void strcpy(char *dest, char *src);
void strncpy(char *dest, char *src, int max);
void memcpy(char *dest, char *src, int nb);
    Copy the source information to the destination area, as in ANSI 'C'.

strcat / strncat

void strcat(char *dest, char *src);
void strncat(char *dest, char *src, int max);
    Concatenate source string onto the end od destination string, as in ANSI 'C'.

strcmp / strncmp / memcmp

void strcmp(char *dest, char *src);
void strncmp(char *dest, char *src, int max);
void memcmp(char *dest, char *src, int nb);
    Compare the source information against the destination information, as in ANSI 'C'.