Welcome to the beta testing for the VirtuAlert system.

So, what does the system do? It acts as a virtual check-in agent for an person who is in an at risk situation, whether that be due to medical issues, or just simply a person living alone that would like to have an automated system in place to get assistance if a check-in is missed.

How does it work? You sign up for an account. When you sign up you give some info about yourself, as well as an emergency contact. You can also specify what hours you would like the virtual check-in service to operate (we don't want to interrupt nap time), as well as how frequently you want a check-in. This could be every couple of hours for higher risk persons (diabetics), or maybe just a morning and evening check-in for mature adults who live alone.

You can configure the type of message you receive, and even supply your own if you want. You can also specify a simple math puzzle for persons who may be active but incoherent.

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